Firm Overview

At The Burns Law Firm, LLC, we bring 20 years' bankruptcy experience to your case. Whether you are an individual suffering a financial setback or a corporation that has come upon hard times, know that we have the background and knowledge base to find the best solution to your financial problems.

When you hire The Burns Law Firm, you hire Maryland bankruptcy lawyer John D. Burns and the entire firm. You will get the personalized attention and dedication you deserve. Our Maryland bankruptcy team will focus on helping you alleviate your legal and financial burdens in order to make your life easier. There will always be someone available to discuss your case with you.

We handle the corporate bankruptcy cases that no one else does. We work on difficult situations and get excellent results for our clients. Mr. Burns enjoys solving knotty legal problems and will bring all his experience and knowledge to each case.

To keep up to date on the latest in bankruptcy law, Mr. Burns attends continuing legal education programs in order to best represent his clients. By staying up-to-date in his practice area, Mr. Burns is able to bring the most up-to-date knowledge to bear on each of his clients' cases. Combining his 20 years of practical experience with the most recent information benefits the corporations and individuals who come to The Burns Law Firm, LLC, hoping for a solution to their financial problems.

Mr. Burns' reputation in the bankruptcy field is well-known. He is often asked to hold seminars on bankruptcy, educating his cohorts and explaining the nuances of this often complex and demanding field. Because of his extensive experience in corporate and personal bankruptcies, his expertise is in high demand.

At The Burns Law Firm, LLC, we are a full-service team who works hard to make sure our clients get the excellent representation that they deserve. When you hire us, we work together to make your problems less onerous. Mr. Burns is a member of the St. Thomas More Society, and believes in helping those who need it.

If you are considering filing a personal or corporate bankruptcy, contact our Maryland bankruptcy law office today. We will gladly explain your options to you and help you make the choice that is best suited to your needs.