Largo, MD Bankruptcy Attorney

Largo, MD Bankruptcy Attorney John BurnsOur Largo, MD bankruptcy attorney, John Burns, works with individuals who have run into financial difficulties by helping them file personal bankruptcies. For those clients who are unsure about whether or not to file for bankruptcy, we offer our expertise in representing clients in settlement and loan workouts with debtors.

Largo, MD Personal Bankruptcy Attorney

While it may seem as if filing for a personal bankruptcy is the end of the road, it is, in fact, an opportunity to step forward to a brighter future.

Our bankruptcy services for individuals include:

Largo, MD Business Bankruptcy Attorney

If a company's circumstances dire, then that company would file for bankruptcy protection. There are several options, from a Chapter 7 liquidation to a Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 reorganization. Maryland bankruptcy attorney John Burns handles each of these types of bankruptcy protections.

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