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Prince George's County, MD Bankruptcy AttorneyLocated in Maryland, we are a full-service bankruptcy law firm dedicated to representing our clients during individual and corporate bankruptcies. Call us today at 301-441-8780 to schedule a consultation to get a fresh start.

Prince George's County, MD Bankruptcy Attorney John Burns

Prince George's County, Maryland bankruptcy attorney John D. Burns started the firm in October 1998 with the intent of providing the best service to his clients. John has spent his legal career cultivating his expertise in bankruptcy law. He has been an integral member of the bankruptcy legal community, attending seminars and lending his expertise by speaking on bankruptcy topics.

Why Choose Our Prince George's County, Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney

Reasonable Fees

Because our approach differs depending on the client, so, too, does our fee. Rather than charge a client who comes to us with a simple case the same as one who comes to use with a complex bankruptcy, we reasonably set our rate to address the underlying issue. There is no reason a client with a simple legal and financial issue should pay the same price as a corporation with a complex bankruptcy.

Interested in Corporate Bankruptcy?

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Question: Are my personal assets vulnerable in a corporate bankruptcy?

Answer: A corporate bankruptcy does not directly affect an individual shareholder, unless that shareholder is personally liable for the debts of the business. Depending on the type of corporation, you may have protection for your assets.